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All Star Pawn is a locally owned and operated pawn shop that specializes in the consumer lending market by offering short term collateralized loans without the hassles of a credit report or job history. With the downturn of the US economy, majority of the financial institutions ceased to offer personal loans or even personal property backed loans. Unfortunately, this put many families that relied on these financial products in a struggle to make ends meet. Many of these families only need one or two hundred dollars to get by until the next payday. We are here to assist these families when they need us most.

Not all people that borrow money are for personal reasons. We have several business owners that utilize our services as well. Some businesses have outstanding accounts receivables and are awaiting payment. They borrow money to make payroll or buy start up materials to begin a new job. Others take advantage of our services to build enough working capital to purchase products to elevate profits. 

With the emergence of pawn shows on TV such as Pawn Stars*, we have realized that some people visit pawn shops to look for unique or hard to find items or to bring in unusual items to sell. Also, many people are looking to save money by any means necessary. They choose to buy gently used items at a fraction of the cost as compared to new. We offer items from gold and silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, coins, watches, TV’s, computers, tablets, cameras, video games, cell phones, stereos, musical instruments, guitars and amps, car audio, DVD players and movies, power tools, industrial tools such as paint sprayers and pressure washers and many other products. In the near future we will be buying, selling and loaning against firearms. Stay tuned for further details regarding firearms.

All Star Pawn
is currently a single location operation competing in a market of nationally run, publicly traded corporations. We rely on repeat business and customer referrals as our number one business generator. We pride ourselves on being personally involved in our community and building relationships with our customers. We want to personally invite you to give us a try, you will not be disappointed. Once we build a relationship with a new customer, we go out of our way make to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Thank you for your future considerations. Your business is truly appreciated at All Star Pawn.

* All Star Pawn has no affiliation with the TV show Pawn Stars or it’s network The History Channel.

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